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XML Flash Gallery (Please also check out our XML Flash Video Galleries)

What is xml gallery?

Basically it is a Flash Photo Gallery. Photos that are displayed in the gallery are loaded from an external folder, which means the photos are not embeded in the Flash source file (fla file). An xml file is used to tell the Flash movie which photos to load and make the gallery dynamic.

What is the feature?

Without opening the Flash source file, you can add/manage your own photo, category, description, link, even change color or design. There is no actionscript coding experience required. All you need to do is modifying an xml file (simply opened by a text editor). Detailed instruction and source file are included in each download.

How to buy?

On each gallery's page, click on the button "buy it from istockphoto". You may need to register to istockphoto before you can buy it.

How much does it cost?

It costs 10 credits in Istockphoto.com, which is approximately USD$15.

Can you do customized gallery for me?

Yes we can. Just send us an email to support@digilifestudio.com, we can customize a gallery specifically for you.

(Please also check out our XML Flash Video Galleries)

There are 6 different gallery categories: with Category, without Category, Auto-play, Fixed-size images, Varied-size images and Full Screen. Please click thumbnail to see examples.











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